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Many people long to be clever composers of writ. Masters of witty, quotable discourse. Visionaries of plots that are full of jaw-dropping twists and humorous-but-brilliant ideas. The ultimate scribes of ink-slinging compositions. 

Unfortunately, very few people have that talent. Fortunately, I don't believe it matters. What matters is having something to say. If you don't have something important or interesting to say, people will tune out no matter how you say it. 

Of course, most people believe that they have something to say, and if (or when) that is true, there are some simple ways to convey that something to the reader. That is where I come in. I will take your wonderful piece of something to say and make it read as wonderfully as you think it in your head. 

the beaded book editor, darcy werkman

Through my years of editing or proofreading books, I have developed some rules to live by.

For instance, I eliminate virtually all fluff words. It is very important to just basically eliminate very unnecessary fluff words because they are very useless and sometimes very distracting occasionally. 

I also avoid rambling. Rambling can be a big problem for writers because they can't stop writing down whatever comes to them as they are writing and they continue on and on and sometimes they wish that they had never started writing to begin with because then maybe they wouldn't be living in their parent's basement and they would be able to have a functioning job in society that wouldn't cause them to cry a little every time they realize that they couldn't stop rambling about nonsensical rubbish. 


Another rule that has served me well is to not be redundant. I also don't like repeating myself. In addition, I avoid writing the same things over and over. In other words, I try and say something once instead of several times. 

So if you are looking for someone to help you write that inspiring and inspirational piece of literary art, sign me up. Because my vocabulary is as good as, like, whatever.



Five O'Clock Shadow

Your book is almost ready to be published but you need a quick trim.

Full Beard

You've finished writing your book and need it to be shaped and trimmed.


Bushman Beard

Your book is written but it is wild and untamed, and you need it to be chopped up, shaped, and trimmed.


The Bearded Editor's Proofreadin
Copy Edit
The Bearded Editor's Copy Edit
Developmental Edit
The Bearded Editor's Developmental Edit


Darcy was a true professional in our engagement. He delivered excellent quality in his work product, over-communicated his progression, and completed the work quickly. We would gladly work with Darcy again in the future.


Peachill Publishing

Hannibal Barca: The Lion of Carthage

Empress Wu: Rise

Red Eagle: The Red Stick War of Alabama

INCA: The Golden Sun


Writing a book is hard. Finishing a book is harder, especially when it’s your first one. Authors, agents, and publishers will all tell you professional editing is key to a viable novel, and I am blessed I found Darcy Werkman to help me with mine. He helped me craft a much better book than it would have been otherwise. I highly recommend Darcy to any aspiring or seasoned author – it was money VERY well spent!


Robert A. Tayler

Plundering the Past


Working with Darcy was the best experience of my career. His developmental edits were incredible, and his copy editing and proofreading transformed my work of passion into a professional manuscript.


Greg Bee

Saying Goodbye to Toxic Boys


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